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what parents say about Allegro...


Learning at Allegro has allowed my daughter, Elena, to learn more about flute and music sight reading. The instructor takes her time with Elena and is kind in her crtitique and provides constructive feedback. Elena loves going to lessons and it shows in her practice routine. Allegro is our choice of music studios because of the instructor, Dawn. She is kind, encouraging, and most importantly, knowledgable. --Lupe and Elena Czerwinski


Private piano lessons at Allegro are awesome!--Kalina Gandurski


What we like about Allegro is that they take good care of their students. They have friendly and accomodating staff. They update parents in regards to their kids' performance and make them believe in themselves! --The Dela Pena Family


about our teachers

We love Allegro because we have great teachers! Mrs. Gardner and Bailey are so approachable and easy to work with. My girls have been there for 7 years and would not go anywhere else. We have sent other families there and they love it too! --Kristen, Lauren and Leah Pengiel


 What I like best aboiut Allegro is the Personalized attention from the teachers. They individualize lessons for the students. --M. Aragon


I like the Allegro instructors, because I no longer have to go after my kids to practice as if it is homework, and I don't have to do the teaching either! Two very good reasons to like Allegro Academy. --Martha Doyle


What do I like about Allegro? Hmmm.....I'd have to say Rick!  I am so impressed with all that Madison has learned since she's been with Rick.  I really feel he genuinely cares about his students.  You guys have all been great! -- Laura M. Pearce


I like Allegro because of the instructors. -- Sue Polivka


about our staff

We love Allegro because they have great staff. Everyone is nice and friendly. Ms. Lori, my daughter's piano teacher, is awesome. My daughter's skills have improved so much since she started her lessons and she's always looking forward to them. --Caresse and Rosalyn


What I love about Allegro is their flexibility, proffessionalism and excellent piano teacher, Ms. Lori gardner! --Jeannette and Madison Cereno


We like Allegro Dance because of the wonderful teachers and staff -- Jen and Scott Taylor


I like the people who work there!  They have all been friendly and smile a lot!
Plus my son likes his lessons.  It’s also close to the house. --Debra Tragarz


I love the variety of lessons available and how well my daughter has progressed in the year she has been with you! --Kim Horn


about our classes

I like Allegro for the small class sizes where the kids get a lot of help. I would recommend Allegro because the staff is very knowledgable and helpful. --Dinna Tavolino


 My daughter has learned to read music and play the piano in a very short period of time. She loves to be able to choose her own music. --Marci and Hailey Breed


This is my first experience with Allegro and I am very happy.  My 8-year-old daughter loves the group piano lessons with Mrs. Gardner. Thanks for your patience with the kids and parents. -- Laura Kerfin


I love the kids hip hop class.  It is so much fun for my son.  --Kelli Shoup


We love all the music teachers! --Darlene Brady


I like Allegro for many reasons.  First--our teacher is great, she is friendly and enthusiastic! It's close to home and easy to get to. -- Tina Re


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